One of a kind Straw Wide brimmed Beach Hat

Hand Painted 

Leather band

featuring Hand stitching, grommets and 

Vintage Kuchi Jewelry and Coins 

The word Kuchi itself is derived from a Persian word meaning migration, in relation to nomads or gypsies, and does not describe a particular group or people, but rather a state of being. 
These beautiful pieces with colorful glass jewels and jingling bells originally came from the nomadic Pashtoon tribes that wandered the border areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan, along ancient routes between the seasons, moving down from the mountains in the winter and back to their homes in the summer. 

The jewelry of these wandering peoples incorporates design elements from many cultures including those of India, the Middle East, Central Asia and the tribal areas of the former Soviet Union. These jewelry artists used coins, bells, and large colorful glass jewels to produce lovely chokers, necklaces, cuff bracelets, pendants, belts, rings, earrings, headpieces and more completely by hand, often in centuries-old designs.

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Custom Rocker Straw Gypsy Floppy Beach Boho hat Red and Black with Kuchi hatband