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Necessity is the mother of invention
 Rock & Roll doesn't follow the rules...
and neither do I.


When the need for something becomes imperative, you are forced to find ways of getting or achieving it. 


Growing up and living in a small city in Canada, the availability of original or unique clothing is very limited. 


Circa 1984.

 A 12-year-old girl living in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Life revolved around tight jeans, lumberjack jackets, denim vests, hanging out at the local 7/11, hair bands, and the boys in those hair bands.  

 When you were a teen growing up in a small city, long before online shopping, you had very limited options for acquiring the fashions to emulate the Rock Gods and Video Vamps you lusted after on MTV or in Hit Parader magazine.  There were only 2 stores that I can recall in downtown Winnipeg that everyone would converge on to buy their Rock shirts, pins, studded belts, back patches, etc.  It was then,  after acquiring these treasures,  that you wanted to do something to stand apart from your friends who had all the same shirts, patches, and jeans. 

 It was all about being an individual within a group.

Your clothes define your place within a larger group. Rockers, Punks, Mods, New Wavers, and Preppies.    

We were Headbangers.  Life was good.  

It was the beginning of shredding up, acid washing, sewing on and generally Frankenstein-ing my own clothing in order to stand out among the tight jean, feathered hair, rock shirt, and lumber-jacket masses. 


Fast-forward 15 years. 

 After a satisfying career of continuing to break the rules in the creative field of hairstyling, I decided to stay home and raise children. I was enjoying my new 'crazy' life as a mom and found my way to a local Bellydance Class.  It was from that point that I officially became a full-time mom/part-time belly dance student/performer AND costume designer. 

It was here that I would purchase my first sewing machine as an adult.  


 Invoke the Goddess Designs was born and I became a full-time, glitter-obsessed costume goddess. 

 Learning my craft, honing my skills, and selling costumes all over the world during the next 10 years would further my passion to create more cool and unique items to sell to the masses.

Please CLICK HERE to view a gallery of my past designs.


 Raising 3 of the coolest kids I know, I further put my my sewing skills to good use making Halloween and Dance costumes for many years for my little 'ghouls' and Irish Dancers.  As our brood grew, we suddenly found the time to peruse the friendships and hobbies we had previously enjoyed "pre" family life once again. 


 The biggest of those hobbies is our love for music.  


  Enter my muse. My husband of 20 years.


He loves to wear great clothes and I love to dress him. 

He's a suit-and-tie-by-day kind of guy working in a white-collar job but... loves to shed the suit-and-tie and look like a Rock Star by night.  I started creating pieces for him to wear out during our newfound freedom of once again going to live music venues around the city. He is very particular about the fit of his jeans and I was constantly altering jeans to accommodate his preference and style and then adding my personal creative flair...skulls, flames, spiderwebs, etc.  He would wear these pieces out and requests for custom pieces by local bands and friends quickly followed.  

During a conversation with one of my clients about how owning my jeans was becoming an obsession, it was said that "an intervention may be in order" to which I replied "Quite the opposite, I think.  You need to allow yourself to have a little fun. You need a sinful intervention.  We looked at each other and at the same moment said "Sintervention"

  January 2013 Sintervention Threads was conceived. 

Since that day, I have had the pleasure of working with many local musicians as well as musicians Worldwide, 

from Large stages to small, 

 as well as non-musicians who are Rock Stars at heart.

 I have had my designs cross countries, oceans, and continents. 


My name and my signature style continue to grow thanks to my never-ending desire to always push harder and never settle.   

I also have to thank a very supportive Facebook and Instagram audience that continues to grow.  


The rest of the story...well.  Stay tuned!  

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